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Scratch 'n' sniff

Did we fool you?

On Friday we said we were trialling some new technology which lets you print scratch 'n' sniff sheets in your own home - without the need to change your printer ink.

But it was an April Fool. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :O)


Follow your nose

You can now download the real woodand smells spotter sheet then find your local wood to discover each scent for real.



Your comments

Sent the old brain into overdrive and suddenly clicked - very good - Ellen

You had me going for a moment! Keeley  

I didn't get fooled because I'm clever and I'm only 9! Kate

Very funny! Marianne

Might try that one on the kids - Beverly

Nice one :) Sharon

I smelt a rat as soon as I read it - Ian

Nice try, is the spaghetti tree on there? Sarah  


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