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This is an interactive online resource  PLAY BADGER WOOD

Badger Wood is going to be cut down - interview the animals that live there and save their home!

Save our Wood

Pupils learn about the plans
for a road through Badger Wood

Save our Wood

They navigate through the wood
and search for woodland residents

Save our wood

They interview each resident
and collect information

Save our Wood

Finally, they design and write
an article to defend the
wood from development

Save Our Wood provides Yr 3-6 pupils  [P4 – 7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland] with an interactive experience in which they become involved in gathering evidence and opinions from the residents of a wood threatened by local development. Comparing the values of conservation with the advantages of the development for the local community provides opportunities for interesting, relevant citizenship education in a classroom setting.

What do pupils do?

By navigating their way through the screens, they question residents of the wood and local area and use these different opinions and points of view, to produce a front page of a newspaper. A template is provided and each step of the process is set out for the pupils to follow.  The completed page can be printed out.

 In the process of their investigations there is an option to question a local councillor and write letters to the Council.  A letter template is provided and these letters can be also be printed out.

 The activity provides opportunities for classroom debate and group discussions, which can be linked to the consideration of wider global conservation issues and sustainable development.

Supporting resources

pdf file  Ancient woodland and the effects of habitat loss in Badger Wood

pdf file  Maps showing the habitats that will be lost in Badger Wood if the bypass is built

pdf file  Debate sheet - a format for pupils to consider the points for and against the bypass proposal

pdf file  Letter to council template for pupils to write a response to the letter from the council that appears during the online activity

pdf file  Newspaper template for pupils to work on a newspaper page offline

Curriculum links

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Citizenship - Preparing to play an active role as citizens

Literacy - Speaking And Listening; writing for different purposes

Science - Life processes and Living Things- habitats; adaptations and interdependence

Geography - Geographical enquiry and skills; knowledge and understanding of places

Sustainable Development - Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development

ICT - Working with others to explore a variety of information sources and ICT tools; developing and refining ideas using online publishing packages


Environmental Studies, Social Subjects - people And place, people in society

Environmental Studies, Science - interaction of living things with their environment

Information and Communications Technology - creating and presenting, controlling and modelling

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund