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ladybirdBug hunting

Printable ticklists of common creepy crawlies, great for bug hunts!

Go on a minibeast hunt in the woods, your garden or school grounds to see what you can find. They tend to like dark, damp places so investigate leaf piles, under logs and tiny nooks and crannies, as well as flowers and plants.

Be careful not to disturb them too much and remember to leave their homes as you find them.

The original minibeast hunt

Wasp, dragonfly, honey bee, fly, moth, butterfly, aphids, snail, woodlouse, harvestman, grasshopper, centipede

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentminibeast hunt sheetdownload


NEW! Creepy crawlies

Look in leaf litter, sift through soil, peer under rocks and peep into tree trunks to find these 16 creepy crawlies. 

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentCreepy crawlies tick listdownload


NEW! Insects in the air

Can you catch a glimpse of these 12 flying insects as they dash, float and glide through the air? 

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentInsects in the air tick listdownload


NEW! Top tips for bug hunts

Where to look and what you need in your bug hunting kit: 

          this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentTop tips for bug huntsdownload


More minibeast activities

Like these? Download more minibeast ID guides, games, puzzles and crafts from nature detectives.

small tortoiseshell butterflynature detectives wildlife club arrowmore minibeast downloads 


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