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blackberryBlackberry pack

Recipes, spotter sheets, collecting bag

Where to pick?

Look out for blackberries growing on bramble bushes in woodland and hedgerows.

(Avoid picking any next to roadsides though - they'll be polluted by traffic fumes, yuck)

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It's important to know what blackberries and bramble bushes look like to make sure you're picking the right thing. Use these spotter sheets to learn what to look out for.

Some wild berries can be poisonous, so always check with an adult before you eat your blackberries. 

bramble huntnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry spotter sheet

blackberry huntnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry hunt activity sheet

bramble hedgerow huntnature detectives wildlife club arrowhedgerow hunt sheet



Blackberries are an important food for birds and mammals preparing for winter, so don't pick too many - just enough for your recipes :O) 

blackberry bagnature detectives wildlife club arrowcollecting bag template

blackberry champion certificatenature detectives wildlife club arrowchampion picker certificate



Make sure you wash your blackberries well before turning them into tasty treats.

(If you've got time, soak them in cold water for an hour or so to get rid of any lurking creepy crawlies.) 

blackberry ice lolliesnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry ice lollies

blackberry swirly whirlynature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry swirly whirly

blackberry smoothienature detectives wildlife club arrow fruity berry smoothie

blackberry iced teanature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry iced tea

bramble freezynature detectives wildlife club arroweasy peasy bramble freezy

recipe for bramble jellynature detectives wildlife club arrowbramble jelly

hedgerow jamnature detectives wildlife club arrowhedgerow jam

recipe for blackberry cobblernature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry cobbler

recipe for blackberry fairy cakesnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry fairy cakes

jam tarts recipenature detectives wildlife club arrowjam tarts



blackberry colouring sheetnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry colouring sheet 

bramble outlinenature detectives wildlife club arrowbramble colouring sheet

bramble unscramble puzzlenature detectives wildlife club arrowbramble unscramble puzzle

blackberry poemnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry poem

bramble cartoonnature detectives wildlife club arrowblackberry cartoon

bramble mazenature detectives wildlife club arrowbramble maze


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It's ideal for families who like getting outdoors, with options for teachers and group leaders too :O)

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