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CLUB challenge

Friday 11 April 2014

It's the London Marathon this

So have a go at organising your
own race - a snail race! 


Your challenge: organise a snail race


Racing tips

Download our tops tips for running a succesful snail race, including lots of ideas for experimenting with different race surfaces, food to tempt snails and weather conditions:




Build a stadium

You'll need somewhere to hold the race, so print this race track.

Colour it in and decorate it, then fold up the sides to create a stadium. 


If your snails keep changing lanes (very likely!), try making a round track instead. Collect some moss or sticks and make a circle on the ground. Place all your snails in the middle and the first to cross the outside of the circle is the winner!

Print and cut out markers and signs to decorate your race track, plus chequered flags and trophies for the winners! Or design your own.



Collect your competitors

Snails are most active at night and in damp conditions because of
their moist skin. See if you can collect some competitors for your
race after a shower of rain.

It's best to keep them in an escape-proof container, with air holes and
plenty of green leaves for them to munch to keep them happy.

Collect them just before you plan to run your race and put them back where you've found them as soon as you've finished.


Predict the results

Which snail do you think will be the fastest? The slowest? The best at staying in a straight line? Will big or small be faster? What about a snail from the woods versus one from your garden or street?

Record your predictions and results here.



Ready, steady, slow...

Before starting the race, give each snail a name and stick a coloured dot on them so you can keep track of who's who. (Be careful when sticking the dots on, their shells are very delicate.)

Now set them at the starting line, start your timer and off they go!

Send us photos of your snail race in action

nature detectives wildlife club arrownaturedetectives@woodlandtrust.org.uk



Newspaper report

Make a newspaper report detailing every eventful moment of the race!

Download the template: 



Remember snails are delicate living things, so please handle very them carefully and always put them back where you found them. Thank you :O)


Tell us about your snail race

  • How many snails did you find?
  • Which snail won? 
  • How fast was the fastest snail?
  • How slow was the slowest snail?
  • Which was faster, big snails or small ones?

nature detectives wildlife club arrownaturedetectives@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Held a snail race?

Find the hare riding the stag on
your CLUB poster and award them a
gold medal by sticking the saddle
sticker next to it on your poster.

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