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Go exploring and get hunting for signs of spring! Fresh ideas for children from the Woodland Trust

CLUB challenge

Friday 4 April 2014

Use your hands to explore
the woods.

Go on a scavenger hunt
for spring textures!


Your challenge: Go on a spring scavenger hunt  


Scavenger hunt

Woods and forests are made up of lots of different textures - silky flower petals, crumbly rotting wood, furry moss, sticky buds.

Download the scavenger hunt list and see how many you can find:

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documenttexture traildownload this resource from the nature detectives wildlife websitescavenger hunt

nature detectives wildlife club arrowwhat did you find?


Treasure bag

Make a paper bag to collect your discoveries and use them for some fun games back home.

Download and print the template: 

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documenttreasure hunt bagdownload this resource from the nature detectives wildlife websitecollecting bag


Feely box

When you get back home, make a feely box and fill it with the natural textures you've collected.

Challenge your friends to guess what the contents are, just using touch.

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentfeely boxdownload this resource from the nature detectives wildlife websitefeely box instructions


Memory game

This is another game to test sense of touch and your memory.

You'll need to collect some natural items that look and feel similar (but not identical). For example three types of petal, three twigs, three different leaves.

Blindfold your friend then give them one item, like a twig. Get them to feel it carefully and try to remember special features like bumps and smooth patches.

Put the twig with the other sticks you've collected, then remove your friend's blindfold. Can they guess which twig they were feeling? 


Blindfold tree exploring

This is like the memory game, but on a much bigger scale using trees!

this nature resource for kids is a pdf documentblindfold exploringdownload this resource from the nature detectives wildlife websiteblindfold tree exploring


Have you collected natural textures and made a feely box?

Tell what you found and send us your photos of your games.
Email us: naturedetectives@woodlandtrust.org.uk


Been on a spring scavenger hunt?

Find the rowing otter on your CLUB
poster and award him a gold medal
by sticking the boat sticker next
to him on your poster.

How's your medal table looking?


Your new CLUB pack

Exciting news - your new spring activity pack is almost ready!

It's bursting with exciting things to spot, make and do in the woods.

Your pack is being made right now and will be posted to you in just a few weeks. Look out for it arriving through your letterbox at the start of May.

Here are a few clues for the activities inside...


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