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autumn leaf 


Autumn is a great time to play outdoors

Treasure hunting, leaf collecting, blackberry picking, conker playing, seed planting...

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autumn play booklet autumn play booklet

jam-packed with ideas

stack of resources  
200 autumn downloads

wildlife ID sheets, play, crafts


Create - download the adventure booklet 
adventure booklets

bursting with outdoor ideas
for fun in the woods


autumn leaf

25 leaf activities

spotter sheets, games, crafts


conker ideas + tips

collecting bag, how to play, certificate


Hallowe'en pumpkin lantern  
spooky downloads

hair-raising Halloween ideas


fly agaric  
fungi activities

ID sheet, trump cards, puzzles


pirate flag  
pirate playtime pack

treasure chest, pirate hat, stick ships!


maple seed  
fruit & seeds downloads

ID guides, quiz, puzzles, art ideas


blackberry pack

bursting with recipes + ideas


seed planting kit

collecting bag, planting tips


explore a magical wood

find a Woodland Trust wood near you


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